Why Study Groups Matter to the Future of the World

Why Study Groups Matter to the Future of the World:

Date:Wed, 06/29/2011

Author: Mo Siegel

Mo Siegel

By Mo Siegel, President, Urantia Foundation, Boulder, Colorado, USA

In a mere 56 years, the Urantia Revelation has spread from a handful of believers in Chicago to readers throughout the world. Fifth Epochal Revelatory light now glimmers in virtually every continent on this planet. We have come a long way from selling three books in 1958 to having more than 750,000 books in circulation today. What happens from here is difficult to predict. Will the Urantia Revelation evolve in a slow and more institutionalized manner like Dalamatia, or will it capture the imagination of the world’s people as the teachings of Jesus did during the reign of Constantine 1,700 years ago?

If you review what has happened in the past 56 years and project forward, a few courses of action seem wise. Readers need to love one another; the book needs translating and distributing; the organizations need funding; and educational activities must bring understanding to a book that contains sections written at a PhD educational equivalency level. The Urantia Book project needs teachers and leaders to help others understand this wonderful book, which at times can be difficult to comprehend. Thus, there is a need for study groups, of which there are 350-450 worldwide.

The majority of people in the world have rejected weekly attendance at religious institutions. In the United States, for example, 94% of people say they believe in God, although less than 40% regularly attend church. Yet there remains a need for the socialization of religionists.

“Religion is first an inner or personal adjustment, and then it becomes a matter of social service or group adjustment. The fact of man’s gregariousness perforce determines that religious groups will come into existence. What happens in these religious groups depends very much on intelligent leadership.” (1090.10) 99:5.1 “There is a real purpose in the socialization of religion. It is the purpose of group religious activities to dramatize the loyalties of religion; to magnify the lures of truth, beauty, and goodness; to foster the attractions of supreme values; to enhance the service of unselfish fellowship; to glorify the potentials of family life; to promote religious education; to provide wise council and spiritual guidance; and to encourage group worship.” (1092.2) 99:6.2

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