Masa Depan menurut Buku Urantia

Berikut adalah beberapa peristiwa di masa depan yang ditulis di Buku Urantia.

The Future - Before the inception of life, Urantia was designated a decimal, life-experiment world. (See 900,000,000 B.C. - The Urantia Book, 36:2.8, 40:5.5, 57:8.8, 58:0.1, 62:7.1, 119:8.8)
Although its ultimate destiny is secure, Urantia is a "wild card world." The path to that future destiny will provide many unforseen turns and branches, similar to the circuitous path in the spiritual evolution of the planet that has resulted in the world we know today. Urantia has already been the stage for unanticipated events conforming it to the unique niche in the cosmos that it will forever occupy:
• the loss of a spiritual steward through rebellion, (See 200,000 B.C.),
• the default and loss of the planetary mother and father, (See 35,797 B.C.),
• the emergency Melchizedek revelation (See 1,980 - 1,886 B.C.) to reinforce the concept of monotheism and to pave the way for the incarnation of the Creator Son, (See 7 B.C.), and
• culminating with the reception of the Urantia revelation (See 1934).
What we can predict of the future, along with the usual evolutionary course of events, is that it will continue to provide surprises.

The Future +1 - The midwayers relate that "the worst of the materialistic age is over; the day of a better understanding is already beginning to dawn." (The Urantia Book, 195:6.4) and Jesus stated that "when the world has passed through the long winter of material-mindedness and you discern the coming of the spiritual springtime of a new dispensation, should you know that the summertime of a new visitation draws near." (The Urantia Book, 176:2.6) The visitation of a Magisterial Son and the inauguration of a new dispensation is approaching.

The Future +2 - The revelators indicate that Machiventa Melchizedek will return to assume the position of Planetary Prince at the beginning of the next dispensation; but others think that he could come even sooner--"any day or hour." (The Urantia Book, 114:1.3)

The Future +3 - Michael will return sometime (as he promised) to finish his bestowal Son tasks as the spiritual uplifter, a job that he couldn't complete because he came before the mindal uplift of the Magisterial Son (or Sons). Michael may also wait for further biologic uplift, which some of the revelators speculate may be fostered by Machiventa in the additional role as Material Son. (The Urantia Book, 93:10.6-7)

The Future +4 - Wars and rumors of wars will fade away as the teachings of Jesus, the Gospel of the Kingdom, permeate the hearts of mankind. "...peace on earth will not come until all are willing to believe and enter into their glorious inheritance of sonship with God." (The Urantia Book, 165:6.3)

The Future +5 - The races will have blended, resulting in a skin tone of an olive hue. (The Urantia Book, 52:3.7)

The Future +6 - The first stage of light and life will manifest. The world is administered by three celestial beings: the Planetary Sovereign, the chief of the planetary corps of finaliters, and Adam and Eve. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.4)

The Future +7 - The beginning of the second stage of light and life. A Life Carrier becomes the adviser of the planetary rulers regarding the further efforts to purify and stabilize the mortal race. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.8)

The Future +8 - The beginning of the third stage of light and life. Representatives of the superuniverses enter into new relationships with the planetary administration. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.10)

The Future +9 - The fourth stage of light and life. Trinity Teacher Sons become advisors to the world administration. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.14)

The Future +10 - The fifth stage of light and life pertains almost entirely on stabilizing the planetary environment. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.17)

The Future +11 - The sixth stage of light and life produces enhanced mindal function among the people of the world. (The Urantia Book, 55:4.18)

The Future +12 - The world is settled in the seventh stage of light and life. The physical forces of the planet and the sun are stabilized so that they can continue on into eternity. (The Urantia Book, 32:3.2, 55:4.18)

The Future +13 - The local universe of Nebadon becomes settled in light and life. (The Urantia Book, 15:9.15)

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