A truth-revealing novel about Borobudur, a real monument in Central Java, that explains a very advanced but simple about life, Steps to Eternity, and union of God and man.  Perhaps this advanced teaching was a joint-work between Jesus Christ, and Sudhana, the founder of Mahayana-Buddhism, based on similarities of their teachings!
Urantia Book contain stories about two merchants from India who were travelling to Rome with Jesus
Read this novel and be enlightened with the treasures of truth about your life and destiny. You will never regret learning this truth.

See the sample in the Book of Eternity sample
For full version of the ebook, buy it on, only for 3.95 US$    pay using Paypal and download it. (Sometimes is under maintenance, if so, please visit next time soon)

This is my genuine work, not a translation, transliteration, or plagiarism. Contact my email:

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